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thomas did not want independence and he also wanted things toi say the same.he wanted all of the townspeople to stay loyal to the british

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Q: What was Thomas Hutchinson's argument against independence?
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Who was thomas Hutchinsons wife?


How did Thomas Paine promote American independence?

He inspired Americans to rebel against the British.

What was Thomas Jefferson's preamble?

it was an introduction; a declaration of rights; a list of complaints against the king; and a resolution of independence

What is common sense in the declaration of independence?

the novel inspired people to go against Britain

What was thomas Paine's common sense was about?

It was about getting the colonists to start a rebellion against Britain and to gain independence from Britain.

What rhetorical devicedoes thomas Jefferson most notably use in this excerpt from the declaration of independce and why does he use it?

Thomas Jefferson most notably uses parallelism in this excerpt from the Declaration of Independence. He repeats the phrase "He has" to list a series of grievances against King George III. By using parallelism, Jefferson creates a powerful and persuasive effect, emphasizing the injustices committed by the King and strengthening the argument for independence.

Why did Thomas Paine wrote The Crisis?

To argue that Americans had a duty to revolt against Britain.

Did Thomas Edison sign the Declaration of Independence?

No, Thomas Edison did not sign the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson did though.

Who was selected to write the declaration of the independence?

Thomas Jefferson was chosen to write the Declaration Of Independence

Is Thomas Jefferson a patriot or a loyalist?

Thomas Jefferson was a patriot, which meant that he supported the Revolution against the British. patriot:against the British loyalist: with the British neutalist: someone who agreed with a different side depending on the argument

Who mainly authored the Declaration of Independence?

Thomas Jefferson is credited with the writting of the declaration of independance.Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. He asked that this feat be carved on his tombstone.

Is the author of the Declaration of Independence?

Thomas JeffersonUnited States Declaration of Independence was authored by Thomas Jefferson.