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Thomas Paine married two times. Both marriages were childless, meaning Thomas Paine did not have any children.

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Thomas Paine had no children. His first wife, Mary died in childbirth.

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Paul, Gregory, Violet and Jarome

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Q: What was Thomas Paine's child named?
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what was thomas paines strengths

Who was thomas paines mother?

jessica Paine

Who attended Thomas Paine's funeral?

6 people attended thomas paines funeral

What are thomas paines favorite movies?

Movies had not been invented when Thomas Jefferson was alive.

What was the theme of thomas paines common sense?

his themes were about government

What were thomas paines ideas?

to free the american slaves from british

What was thomas paines pamphlets which rationalized the revolution?

the name was common sense.

Thomas paines cammon sense?

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What is Thomas Paines birthday?

Thomas Paine was born on February 9, 1737.

Why did Thomas Jefferson invite Thomas Paine to America?

because he liked thomas paines motivationial speech which he heard Paine give in England

What is Thomas Paines response to the argument that the British have protected?

That they have done so for their own sake

What was Thomas Paines Contribution to independence?

I think it was how he tried to get other colonist to declare independence.