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Democratic Party candidate Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election defeating Republican Party candidate John McCain. In the 2008 presidential election Barack Obama received 365 electoral votes and John McCain received 173 electoral votes. The popular vote totals were Obama 69,297,997 and McCain 59,597,520.

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George Bush had 271 electoral votes, carried 30 states, was popular by 50,456,002 and had 47.9 percent

Al Gore had 266 electoral votes, carried 20+ D.C states, was popular by 50,999,897 and had 48.4 percent

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it was approximately 64% which is one of the lowest turnouts in the western world.

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Q: What was US Voter Turnout in 2004 Presidential Election?
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What presidential election had the lowest voter turnout?

Across the democratic world, excluding countries with compulsory voting, voter turnout is at its highest at federal or national general elections. This is generally because these elections are heavily publicised in the press, dominate the public affairs agenda for the duration of their campaigns and are regarded as being of high importance to the electorate - as well as being directly relevant to their daily and/or political lives. In contrast, in most jurisdictions, turnout is comparatively low in local, regional, municipal or state elections, largely because they are not as well publicised and considered less important by most electors. In the United Kingdom for example, it is not uncommon for turnout at annual local elections to be half - or even less than half - the turnout of the average general election. It is worth noting that in nations with an elected executive (i.e., President), turnout in presidential elections is usually higher than those at legislative ones, especially if legislative elections take place on a separate date. For example, at the 2012 French presidential election, turnout at the second round was 80.5% - at the legislative elections just a month later, it was only 57.2%.

What percentage of people did not vote in 2008 presidential election?

Obama won the presidential election. The voter turnout for this election was broadly predicted to be very high by American standards, and a record number of votes were cast. The current total number of votes tallied is more than 129 million, compared to 122.3 million in 2004 (the previous record). Expressed as a percentage of eligible voters turnout was estimated to be around 62%. (Source: Wikipedia, United States presidential election, 2008) The 2008 turn-out was up from 60.6 percent four years ago but below the 1964 turnout rate of 64 percent of eligible voters.

Number of Americans voted in the presidential election?

Not knowing which election you are referring to... 2008 Presidential election: 132,618,580 total. 2004 Presidential election: 122,294,978 total. 2000 Presidential election: 105,586,274 total

How many won't vote in 2012 presidential election?

It is difficult to accurately estimate turnout at US federal elections, as presidential ballots do not take place often enough to make accurate predictions and it is difficult to judge what issues will affect turnout from one election to the next. Turnout is determined by a variety of factors, some complex, some simple - even the weather on polling day can have a dramatic impact on turnout levels. We can however make a tentative estimate of the abstention rate based on previous Presidential elections. There have been five elections since 1965 in which an incumbent President was up for re-election - 1972, 1984, 1992, 1996 and 2004. Based on these elections, we can expect approximately 27% of all registered voters will not vote in the 2012 presidential election, representing 47% of the entire adult population (including non-registered voters).

Was there a presidential election in 2006?

Not in the US- presidential election were held in 2004 and 2008 the next one will be in 2012. (The year of a presidential election is always a multiple of 4 .)

When was election day 2004?

what did the Presidential election voting arrangements cost the state of California in 2004.

Who was the President of Montenegro in 2004?

Filip Vujanović was the President of Montenegro in 2004.Vujanović first served as Prime Minister of Montenegro from 1998 January 15 to 2002 November 25. He first became acting president on 2002 November 25 when then president Milo Đukanović resigned to become Prime Minister. Running in the 2003 February presidential election, he received the most votes but the election was invalidated due to low voter turnout. He then won the succeeding 2003 May elections (which also had low voter turnout) and resigned on May 19, so that he could be officially inaugurated as president 3 days later on May 22. After the split of Serbia and Montenegro in 2006, he was again re-elected in 2008.

What are the motivating factors responsible for a high voters turnout in 2004 compare to previous years?

Several motivating factors contributed to a high voter turnout in 2004 compared to previous years. These include the highly contested presidential race between George W. Bush and John Kerry, which generated significant public interest and engagement. Additionally, increased efforts by political campaigns and organizations to register and mobilize voters, along with improved accessibility to polling places and early voting options, likely played a role in motivating more people to participate in the electoral process.

On which state did the 2004 Presidential election hinge?


What are the voter Demographics in the 2004 election?

What percent of Americans voted in the 2004 presidential election?

122,267,553 people voted in the 2004 Presidential Election out of an estimated United States population size of 298,213,000 people. So approximately 41% of the US population voted.

How did immigrants vote in the 2004 Presidential Election?