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The Enigma Machine was a German code machine. It allowed German military to send texts in secret, but those codes were broken during WWII.

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Q: What was a German code machine?
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Who invented ww2 code breaking machine-enigma?

enigma was the German code making machine not code breaking ultra was the code breaking machine

The major German code was broken by a copy of the decoding machine known as?

The Enigma machine.

What was the name of the German code-making machine in ww2?

It was called the Enigma.

Code that was used in World War 2?

Enigma was the German coding machine. JN-25 was the Japanese Naval code.

What is the name of the code making machine that Helped Britain figure out to German military plants?

The code making machine was German and it was called "Enigma". The British managed to crack how this worked and in the end built the first ever digital, electronic computer to help unscramble the German war messages. This computer was called "Colossus".

The machine built by the British during World War 2 to crack the German code was called?


Who invented the world war 2 code breaking machine enigma?

The Enigma was a German code generating machine.

Who rescued the enigma machine?

I believe crew members off a British destroyer that had disabled a German submarine during WW2. The German crew was kept in isolation to insure the Germans did not learn that an enigma code machine had been captured by the British..........

German who machine could multiply?

No German has ever been multiplied by a machine.

Is the machine language machine dependent?

Machine code is machine-dependant because every machine architecture has its own version of machine code. The code is non-portable because only the machine for which the code was intended will be able to understand it.

Why were German naval leaders confident about Enigma?

The Nazi Naval Officers never dreamed the Allied Forces would get their hands on an Enigma machine and the instructions to the machine. They thought their code system was full proof since the machine did an exceptional job of doing code. They did not realize the Allies could decipher all their code. Once they began to suspect the Allies had figured out their code they had to alter their methods.

What is this native code and what is difference between native code and machine code?

They are the same thing. Every machine type has its own version of machine code, the native language of the machine (native machine code). All high-level code must be converted to native machine code before it can execute. Machine code is machine dependent but high-level code is generally machine-independent, thus the same source code can generally be converted to suit any type of machine using a suitable compiler or interpreter.