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you are a girl because in french fille means girl and du means of and rois means rose so girl of rose is always better

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Q: What was a better thing about being a filles du rois?
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Was having Filles Du Rois a good development of new France?

Yes, they were brought there to make families with the merchants. Without them there wouldn't be many families there.

What was the relationship between the filles du roi and the natives?

well.. they had few interactions. it all depended on how the wars were between new France and then Iroquois's and Huron's. different parts got different amount of interactions. if wars broke out between the natives and the french men the filles Du Rois were uninvolved and much unimportant in the interaction.

How long did it take for the filles du roi to get to new France?

The filles du roi were mainly orphans. They had little prospects in France. In contrast, the newly founded colony needed women to populate the new country. The king paid for the travel and a small dowry, and the fille du roi had the opportunity to start a new life and to found a family which she didn't have in the old country.

What does rois mean in french?

'Rois' in french is the plural for king. 'Les rois' is 'the kings' and 'le roi' is 'the king'.

When was Juancho Rois born?

Juancho Rois was born in 1958.

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Sophie Rois is 168 cm.

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Peuple et Rois was created in 1892.

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What is the birth name of Giorgos Rois?

Giorgos Rois's birth name is Georgios Chalkidis.

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law is law. Conscience is our Rois Bautista. -Rois Bautista 3C

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Le congrès des rois was created in 1794.

When did Giorgos Rois die?

Giorgos Rois died on September 28, 1994, in Athens, Greece.