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Q: What was a farm manager called in George Washingtons time?
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In George Orwell book Animal Farm who is called snowman?

Snowball is the name of one of the pigs - there is no 'Snowman' in Animal Farm .

What does the manager do?

he mangers a farm

Is there a pig called Napoleon?

Yes--he is a character in George Orwell's book Animal Farm. Napoleon is a dictator and leader of the farm and the animals.

What large farm did George Washington inherit?

It wasn't a farm but a plantation called Mt. Vernon. He had large acres of crops, a distillery, and herds.

When was George Farm born?

George Farm was born on 1924-07-13.

When did George Farm die?

George Farm died on 2004-07-18.

Why was George Washington Carver called the plant doctor?

it was on moses farm that george fell in love with nature and he got the nickname 'THE PLANT DOCTOR'

How many taps did George Washington Maintain on his farm?

George Washington maintained 3,000 taps on his farm

What was the name of the farm in George Orwells book?

Animal farm

In which book do some pigs called Napoleon and snowball appear?

In the book "Animal Farm" writen by George Orwell.

Who were the kapos of American slavery?

I believe it was the Masters the George Washingtons, Abraham Lincoln, Ulyses Grant. The workers in charge of the plantations that were slaves themselves. An example is a slave mom who has children old enough to work in the kitchen or fields to serve food or help as a farm hand.

What represents the farm?

If you are referring to the book Animal Farm by George Orwell, Russia represents the farm.