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The process of amending the Constitution in the future.

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The "necessary and proper clause"

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The Elastic Clause

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Q: What was added by the constitutional framers so that Congresses would have the authority to meet future needs?
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What process did the framers put in place to change the constitution the future?


Why did the framers make the executive branch share some of its powers with congress?

They could see into the future.

What article and section is term did the framers use to describe future generations and the Constitution?


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What English political documents impacted the future constitutional governments?

It was the Magna Carta that had an important impact on future constitutional governments. The Magna Carta was created in 1215.

Which president was not present at the Constitutional Convention?

George Washington and James Madison were the only future presidents at the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

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What were the motives of the delegates at 1787 constitution convention?

The motives of the framers of the constitution was to create a country whereby peace, justice, equality and freedom could be preserved and enjoyed. The other motive was for the constitution to be binding and protective for the future generation.

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The Framers could not forsee all of the specific issues that would arise once the federal system was implemented How did they make provisions for addressing these issues?

Since the Framers knew that they couldn't foresee every issue that would arise in the future, they allowed the Constitution to be amended if the need arose. This could be done through amendments.

Can you put your house on section 8 online?

If the particular housing authority has the option to do you then possibly. I know that at the housing Authority I work at we have a packet of paperwork that the future landlord would have to fill out.