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6'0" (183 cm)

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Q: What was chester arthur's height when he was president?
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Who was Chester Arthurs grand parents?

Ann Davis and David Davis

Was Chester Purdy a president?

Chester Purdy was never the President of the United States. I think you are thinking about Chester Arthur who was the 21st US President.

What state was president chester aurther born?

President Chester Arthur was born in Vermont.

When did John Chester - university president - die?

John Chester - university president - died in 1829.

When was John Chester - university president - born?

John Chester - university president - was born in 1785.

What US president had the first name Chester?

The Twenty-First US President - Chester A. Arthur. Chester AllenArthur became the twenty-first President of the United States (1881-1885) when James Garfield was assassinated. Arthur was the fourth Vice President to succeed to the presidency.

What is the name of President Chester A Arthur dog?

There is no record of any pets while Chester Arthur was President.

What tragic event led to Chester Arthur becoming president?

Chester A. Arthur succeded to the office of President after President James Garfield was assassinated.

Why did chester a arthur want to be a president?

Chester A. Arthur was Vice President when President James A. Garfield was assassinated and immediately assumed the role of the presidency.

How tall is Douglas Arthurs?

Douglas Arthurs is 6'.

When was Chester Arthur a president?

He was President from 1881-85.

How old was Chester A Arthur was elected?

Chester Arthur was 51 when he was elected vice-president. He was never elected President but was still 51 when became president.