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a government a government a government

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Q: What was developed in order to keep order in a society?
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Why was the caste system developed?

it was developed to bring order to society in India

What is the role of the police in your society?

they keep law and order, without them there would be chaos

How did government work on complex society?

someone help me :p

What Mesopotamian land developed the first complex society?

What Mesopotamian land developed the first complex society?

The idea that Chinese society is modeled on a higher universal order was developed by?

That idea was from Master Kong. In the West he is known as Confucious

What is the relationship between language and society?

Each society has developed mainly because of the language skills. It would be impossible to have any structure, order, and progress without language skills.

Who created grammar?

It was just developed with language. Society developed it.

Modern industrial society with a well-developed economy?

developed country

What happens to a society during a period of cultural diffusion?

Answer this question… It gains access to ideas that were developed outside the society.

What is the role of law in facilitating order in society?

Law helps keep order in society and business. It helps regulate social behavior, establish ethical standards, keep the peace, promote individual freedom, keep federal power in check, promote social justice, promote economic growth, and much more.

What new social class developed in the northern society in the early 1800?

The middle class developed in Northern society in the early 1800s.

In a developed society it doesnt matter what you eat?

i believe that these simple teachings and ethics laid out for us by the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) were the steps that led us to a developed society in the first place. so yes for me it matters what you eat now in a developed society.