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Pierce was elected in November , 1852. In August, 1852 , 250 people died when the steamer, Atlantic, sank after hitting a fishing boat. In September, Henri Giffard made the first flight in a dirigible. See the related link for more events of 1852.

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Roosevelt was elected four times and gave four inaugural addresses.

1932-33 the country was in a depression- banks were failing , people were out of work and farmers were losing their farms.

1936-37 Times were better.

1940-41 WW II had begun in Europe. The US was involved in sending arms to Britain- Roosevelt promised to not to send troops overseas.

1944-45 The allies had invaded Europe and were on the way to winning the war.

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Franklin Roosevelt was elected President four times so there were many things going on during his?ætime. Two of the most important were recovered from the Great Depression and World War II.

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In his first election the Great Depression was in full force. In his fourth election WWII was still in full swing.

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Q: What was going on in the world during Franklin D Roosevelt's presidency?
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