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he fought in the navy.

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Q: What was john f kennedys military background?
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What were John F. Kennedys jobs he had?

He was a journalist and an author.

How old is John F. Kennedys son Patrick?

actually John F Kennedys son, Patrick, died a few years back. i think

Who was john f kennedys election opponent?

Richard Nixon

What is John F Kennedys moms name?

Rose Fitzgerald.

What was John F Kennedys home town?

Brookline, Massachusetts

What was JOhn F Kennedys life years?


What was the name of john f kennedys daughters pony?


Who was John F. Kennedys first lady?

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier was John F. Kennedy's first lady.

What is john f kennedys wifes full name?

Jacqueline Bouvier

What was John F. Kennedys religion?

He was a Roman Catholic.

Who drove John F. Kennedys car when he was shot?

William Greer

What is John F. Kennedys political party?

Jack Kennedy belonged to the Democratic Party.