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  1. Sivle rights... peace, freedom, black rights, imigration laws....... things to keep.. or try to keep peace and justice.

or ordain if your doing a crossword puzzle

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THE Constitutional Convention in 1787 was to replace the Articles of Confederation with a stronger governing document.

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Q: What was one goal the constitution was to establish?
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One goal of the Constitution was to establish this?


What was the constitution's one goal to establish?


One goal of the constitution was to establish what?

One of the main goals of the constitution was freedom of speach, freedom to worship and equality.

What goal stated in the preamble to the us constitution requires a court system?

Establish Justice.

What does the US Constitution allow each state to do?

establish its own constitution

What was Charlemagne's goal?

Establish Christianity

Is to defend the nation a major goal of the constitution?

Yes, one of the goals.

What was one main goal of the colonist who moved to north America?

To establish trading posts.

Do and establish this constitution?


Do and establish Constitution?


What type of government did the constitution establish for the unite state?

The Constitution establish a federal system of government for the United States.

What did the constitution establish?

Supreme court