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James A. Garfield was the twentieth president of the US, and the second shortest term president. Garfield was shot four months into his term, and died two months later.

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Q: What was president Garfield's first name?
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What is president Garfields first name?

James Abram Garfield was his full name.

What president Garfields wifes name?

Lucretia Garfield .

Who was Garfields successor?

Garfield was killed in his first year of office and succeeded by his vice-president, Chester Alan Arthur.

What is James Abram Garfields nickname?

Preacher President

Where was James Garfields state of origin?

President Garfield was born in Ohio.

What is Garfields owners name?

Jon arbuckle

What is James Garfields midle name?

i think its Charals

What is Garfields canine pals name?


What was president Garfields hobbies?

cross dressing and the midget toss.....Im sure that's it

After president James Garfields assassination the government began reforms in?

The civil service system

What is President Sarkozy's first name?

President Sarkozy's first name is Nicolas.

What is the first name of President Garfield?

President Garfield's first name is James.