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Benjamin or William.

There were 2 US President's with the name of Harrison,

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His first name was Alexander; however, he was never President. Alexander Hamilton was a United States Founding Father and the first United States Secretary of the Treasury.

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William or Benjamin.

There were 2 US Presidents with the last name Harrison.

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Q: What was president Harrison's first name?
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W hat was the former president Harrisons first name?

Well there was William. William Henry Harrison the 9 th President. Also there was Benjamin. Benjamin Harrison.

Who was willaim harrisons vice president?

John tyler was

Who was acting president for the remainder of President William Harrisons term?

John Tyler completed Harrison's term as President.

How long was president William Henry Harrisons term in office?

32 days

What is Rick Harrisons wife name from Pawn Stars?


What was Benjamin Harrisons greatest achievement?

Perhaps, being the president that had electricity wired into the White House.

When was Harrisons created?

Harrisons was created in 2004.

When did Harrisons end?

Harrisons ended in 2008.

What was protected by president Benjamin Harrisons executive order in 1892?

Arizona's Casa Grande ruins as the first federally protected archaeological site.

What is the first name of President Garfield?

President Garfield's first name is James.

What was President Lincoln's first name?

President Lincoln's first name was Abraham.

What was so unusual about William H Harrisons time as president?

It as very short- just one month in duration. .