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The 24th amendment prohibited poll taxes

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Poll tax

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Poll taxes.

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Q: What was prohibited under the Twenty-fourth Amendment?
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What did the Twentyfourth Amendment to the Constitution change about voting?

It prohibited poll taxes. APEX(:

Excessive bail is prohibited under the Amendment.?

The 8th Amendment.

What was prohibited under the the twenty-fourth amendment?

Poll taxes -NovaNET

Which amendment prohibited achoal?

The Eighteenth Amendment

Liquor was prohibited by the what amendment?

18th Amendment.

Which amendment prohibited alcohol?

The 18th amendment

What was prohibited under the 20th amendment?

You may be thinking of another Amendment - like the 19th which prohibited denying women the right to vote. The 20th amendment is a simple amendment that sets the dates at which federal (United States) government elected offices end. In also defines who succeeds the president if the president dies

What was the 113th amendment?

There is no 113th Amendment. However, the 13th Amendment prohibited slavery in the US.

Liquor was prohibited by the?

18th amendment

The 18th amendment to the constitution prohibited?

It prohibited the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcohol.

What amendment prohibited the sale and transport of alcohol in the US?

The Eighteenth Amendment

What did amendment 18 do?

It prohibited alcohol in the U.S.