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The Federal Trade Commission.

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Q: What was put into place to prevent unfair methods of competition?
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What are some laws currently in place that prevent unnecessary campaign spending?


Why sidewalk vendors should be banned?

Sidewalk vendors should be banned because we can't have the poor endeavoring to work on their own in an obvious attempt to rise up and flourish and prosper. Besides, sidewalk vendors create an unfair competition to the monopolistic and oligarcholistic corporations that have worked so hard to suppress massive competition so that CEO's and corporate executives can enjoy their multi million dollar payouts. It is quite simply not fair to corporations and mid to large sized businesses that smaller businesses such as sidewalk vendors can come along and participate in free market principles when they should know their place and submit to low wage incomes working for the man.

How do national initiatives promote anti discriminatory practice?

Procedures and precautions are in place to prevent discrimination.

How is industrialization different from the workshops that came before?

As a start, workshops were often isolated and separate. Industrialization brought consolidation and unification to the work place. Competition also became more and more a matter of big VS small.

Where did the bushwhackers live?

They lived in the areas invaded by the Union armies. They don't belonged to the regular Confederate units but to the State's Militia or Home Guard and many times to the place's own populace. The name was first given by the Unionist to people fighting a sort of guerrilla warfare, but then it was generally given to call such an unfair way of fighting.

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Why are industries regulated to prevent monopolies?

If one company were to become a monopoly then consumers would not have a choice as to who to give their money to. Consumer choice and competition are cornerstones of capitalist economies, and to preserve them we must put measures into place that prevent the rise of monopolies.

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What can one do to contest unfair bank charges?

If you feel that you are the victim of unfair bank charges, there are many place to go to complain. The best place to try would be the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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they take place in those areas

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