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The colonists built forts to help protect themselves from the Native Americans.

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Q: What was the Main Defense Structure of the American Colonies?
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How did the great awakening effect the American colonies?

Th great awakening affected the colonies in a few ways. The main thing that colonies were affected was Christianity.

What was the main reason for the American colonies to protestation against British rule?


what was the main purpose of the declarations of independence?

To remove the American colonies from British rule .

What was the main reason for the American colonies protestation against British rule?

Taxation without representation

What was the purpose of founding all the colonies?

The main purpose of founding the American Colonies was for the economic benefit and prestige of the mother country, through a system of mercantilism.

What are the conflicts in the colonies 6.2 main idea?

The main conflicts in the colonies during the 6.2 main idea period were centered around issues such as taxation without representation, restrictions on trade, and violations of colonial rights by the British government. These conflicts ultimately led to the American Revolution and the colonies seeking independence from British rule.

What do early colonial governments have in common?

If they have colonies, then that is an easier one to answer. If they have colonies, most had separate branches for them, and had a system to get them directly to the main parliament. If without colonies, they had a parliament and a set of ministers.

What was the main seaport of the middle colonies?

the main harbor and seaport of the middle colonies is all the places in the middle colonies.

Define forward defence?

A defense in front of the main defense.

What is the main line of defense?

The skin is the "first line of defense".

What is the main crops in the southern colonies?

The main cash crops in the Southern Colonies were rice, tobacco, and indigo.

What does the British Empire have to do with the American Revolution?

Britain was, at the time, ruling America. Their king was the king of the American colonies, and Britain's Parliament made decisions about the colonies. Britain was what the Americans were rebelling against. The American colonists, tired of British rule, rose up and won the American Revolution, shaking off Britain's main hold of the new continent.