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The Amount of tea that was dumped was 45 tons (90,000 lbs). The cost of the tea that was was dumped was an estimated amount worth £10,000.

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Q: What was the amount of tea and the cost that the sons of liberty dumped?
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What was the sons of liberty about and who started it?

The Sons of Liberty were men making secret meetings against the British. They had a secret tree also known as the liberty tree. I do not know who started the sons of liberty. The sons of liberty also dumped tea into the British harbor.

Who dumped the tea into the harbor at the Boston tea party?

The Sons of Liberty

What did sons of liberty do to protest stamp act?

They poured tar on them and dumped feathers on them

What was the groups name who dumped the tea out in the Boston tea party?

The Sons of Liberty

What was the name of the colonists that dumped the tea at the Boston tea party?

The Sons of Liberty Some of the famous names of the Sons of Liberty were Samuel Adams and Benjamin Franklin.

What took place at the Boston Tea Party?

sons of liberty dumped tea in to the harbour

Who dumped tar and feathers on people during the stamp act?

i think it would be The Sons of Liberty

Who did something to the tea at the Boston Tea Party?

the sons of liberty dumped the british tea into the boston harbor

What were the Sons of Liberty protesting with the Boston tea Party?

I think you're referring to the Boston Tea Party, in which the Sons of Liberty--dressed as Mohawk Indians--dumped British tea into Boston Harbor.

What did the Sons of Liberty do in an effort to get rid of taxes?

They boycotted all British goods, burnt all printed material and dumped tea into the harbor!

This man led the group that dumped the tea?

it wasn't a man, it was a group called the sons of liberty. Samuel Adams was the leader.

In 1773, the colonial Sons of Liberty dumped 342 chests of British goods into Boston Harbor. The colonists took this action because of the?

tea act