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During the American Revolution, the battle that convinced the French (and other Europeans) that the American colonists could defeat the British, and were thus worthy of support, occurred at Saratoga, New York, in 1777. Actually consisting of several battles, the decisive American victory led almost immediately to an alliance with France and the timely reception of material support.

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Uh.... the french were with him, not against him....

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I believe it to be the Siege of Yorktown

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Q: What was the battle the french had won against George Washington?
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Who fought in the battle of yourktown?

The French and the Americans against the British The French leader was General Cornwallis The American(and French in this case) was George Washington

Who was involved in the battle of Yorktown?

Americans and French against British There was general George Washington, General Conwallis, and a French general too

What were George Washington's actions on the US?

He was in the first battle of the french and indian war.

Who is the hero that struck the first blow against the french?

george washington

Who commanded the Virginia militia against the French at the onset of the French and Indian War?

George Washington

How old was George Washington when he commanded the British forces in the first battle?

He was 22 when he had his first first taste of battle with the French.

Why did the colonists consider George Washington a heroeven after he was defeated by the French?

He stuck the first blow against the French, in the French and Indian War.

General Braddock and George Washington led an attack against the French at Fort duquesne?

It wasn't a British General it was General George Washington and later on he set up Fort Necessity which was later sieged by the French until George Washington surrendered.

Which french military officer serve under George Washington at the battle at Yorktown?

Marquis De Lafayette

The fort where George Washington lost thr opening battle of the french and Indian war?

Fort Necessity

Who is the leader in the battle of Yorktown?

Lord Cornwallis- British Count Rochambeau- French George Washington- America

Where did George Washington build a fort that he had surrender to the franch?

George Washington built Fort Necessity in southwestern Pennsylvania in 1754. He was forced to surrender this fort to the French after a short battle known as the Battle of Fort Necessity during the French and Indian War. This was one of Washington's early military experiences.