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In 1945, Truman recognized that inter-service rivalries reduced the effectiveness of US armed forces, and proposed uniting all forces under the same leadership. In 1947, Congress passed the National Security Act, which created the National Military Establishment (NME). This combined the Department of War(army) and the Department of the Navy. The NME was renamed the Department of Defense in 1949.

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Q: What was the cabinet department renamed by President Truman?
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The Department of State is a cabinet department. It is located in the Harry S Truman building in Washington DC,

When did the US change the name of the Secretary of war to Secretary of Defense?

1947The National Security Act signed into law by President Truman July 26 provides for a National Military Establishment that was renamed the Department of Defense in August 1947, merging the War Department and the Navy Department.

Which president established the department of defense?

Harry S Truman

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Harry S. Truman was President when the DoD was created in 1947.

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His first Oath of Office was taken in the Cabinet Room of the White House.

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AnswerThe actual order was issued by the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the War Department [now called the Defense Department], although the authorization of the President was required before they could issue the order.That is true, but the official order and authorization was issued by President Truman, but he did not know anything about the bomb until after Roosevelt died.

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Forrestal was the very first Secretary of Defense, under Harry Truman.

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Harry S Truman

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U.S. president? That was Truman.

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President Truman was a President of the United States.

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