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Q: What was the cause and effect of Allied invasion of Normandy?
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What was the cause of the invasion of Normandy?

Huge Allied armies landed by air and sea on the coast of Normandy to challenge the German occupation forces. This turned the tide of the war.

Cause of invasion of normady?

Normandy in France was chosen as the invasion point of Europe in World War II for several reasons. One was its proximity to England from which the invasion was launched and the other was the availability of beaches on which to land.

How did battles in North Africa the allied cause?

The Allies defeated Axis forces in North Africa, which set up the successful Allied invasion of Italy.

How did the battles in the North Africa affect the allied cause?

The Allies defeated Axis forces in North Africa, which set up the successful Allied invasion of Italy.

How Many people were injured in the invasion of Normandy?

It is estimated that around 10,000 Allied soldiers were injured on D-Day, which was the first day of the invasion of Normandy. Many of these injuries were severe due to the intense fighting and difficult beach landings.

Why did Dwight d. esinenhower get famous?

He was the Allied Commander in (Western) Europe during WW2 and led the Allies to victory in Western Germany. Then he became President in 1953 and led the nation with 8 years of peace and prosperity, although he did almost nothing in the cause of Civil Rights and Equal opportunities for people of all colors in the USA. Almost everyone "liked Ike".

How did the allies try to conceal the true location for the normality day landings?

the Allies had a double agent that the Germans thought was loyal to hitler. the double agent cause the German to believe the invasion was to be mounted at the Pata Calsis region in France. But the actual invasion was at Normandy, France, on 6 June 1944

Where were the German navy during Normandy invasion?

Most large ships of the German Navy had been sunk or disabled by June 1944. The vessels which did try to intercept the Normandy invasion were mainly submarines, including some midget submarines. By this time however, the Allies had air superiority and had mainly solved the problem of detecting and destroying German U-Boats. Some ships were lost or damaged by torpedo or mine but not enough to cause problems for the Allies.

Did the invasion of Normandy cause the soviet Unioin to join war against Germany?

No. By the time of the invasion of Normandy the Soviet Union had been at war with Germany for three years. During all those three years the Soviet Union had been carrying, alone, the vast majority of the burden of ground combat against Germany. US and British operations in Africa, Sicily and Italy never occupied more than 10% of Germany's war effort. The Russians had been, and continued to do all the heavy lifting. The invasion of Normandy was to open a second front against Germany, and drain off strength from Germany's fight with Russia. It was also to prevent the Soviets from completely dominating all of Europe, once they had defeated Germany. But even after all the American and British and Allied forces were ashore in the west and engaged with the Germans, the Russians continued to occupy two-thirds of the German war machine.

What is the effect on the cause Germany declares war on France?

Poland was allied to Franch and Britain, so germany had to wage war on those countries as well.

How did d-day change the war?

D-Day was the Allied invasion of Normandy, France. It gave the Allies a foothold in western France and would cause the Germans to retreat. The significant factor was that large numbers of Allied forces could safely land on parts of France that the Allies held. It was also a significant morale boost for the Allies. Germany now found itself fighting on three fronts. Fighting Allied troops in Italy, Russia and France.

What drew Americans to the allied cause?