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the role it played in the economy

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Q: What was the chief issue concerning slavery for both the North and the South?
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What was the chief issue about slavery for both the North and the South?

they disagreed on slavey, freedom and the freedom of letting slaves leave the South plantation.

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What was the central issue that dominated American politics during the 1850s?

The issue of slavery was the central issue in America in the 1850's. While slavery had been declared legal by Chief Justice Roger Tanner in the Supreme Court's Dred Scott decision, an unresolved question was whether or not slavery would be allowed in the new states, as well as the existing slave states' ability to reclaim any slaves escaped to the non-slave states in the northeast.

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It seems that the Anti-Slavery Society credits Massachusetts with abolishing slavery in their constitution (1780), as interpreted in an unrecorded court documents written by Chief Justice Cushing: I believe that slavery was still practiced in the North for many years after individual states abolished the practice.

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