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Popular sovereignty is the belief or concept that the state is created by the will of its people. True popular sovereignty gives political power to the state.

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Q: What was the concept of Popular Sovereignty?
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Popular sovereignty in the articles of the constitution?

Popular sovereignty is the concept of government based on the consent of the people. It is expressed in the Preamble and Articles 1, 5, and 7.

The concept that ultimate political authority is based on the will of the people is known as?

popular sovereignty

Do you think the electoral college system is compatible with the concept of popular sovereignty?


What was popular sovereignty in 1850?

The concept of popular sovereignty was introduced by the 1854 Kansas Nebraska Act. The term did not apply to any particular law or concept that was related to slavery. The term was coined by Illinois Senator Stephen A. Douglas.

How is the Constitution based on the concept of popular sovereignty?

Popular sovereignty Constitution Popular sovereignty is the principle that the authority of a state and its government are created and sustained by the consent of its people, through their elected representatives (rule by the people), who are the source of all political power.

The concept that a territory should be allowed to decide wheather to have slavery was known as?

popular sovereignty

The concept that a territory should be allowed to decide whether to have slavery known as?

Popular sovereignty

Why is popular sovereignty one of the US's most cherished ideals?

Popular Sovereignty is extremely important to the people of America due to the issues the lack of it had before, with the British monarchy. The concept of popular sovereignty claims that the power that government holds is only maintained by the people's consent.

Why did popular sovereignty appeal to many Americans?

Popular Sovereignty= "Let the people decide." The concept that the people of their own territory should get to decide weather they entered the union as a free or slave state.

What does popular sovernty mean?

Popular sovereignty or the sovereignty of the people is the belief that the legitimacy of the state is created by the will or consent of its people, who are the source of all political power. It is closely associated with the social contract philosophers, among whom are Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Popular sovereignty expresses a concept and does not necessarily reflect or describe a political reality. It is often contrasted with the concept of parliamentary sovereignty. Benjamin Franklin expressed the concept when he wrote, "In free governments the rulers are the servants and the people their superiors and sovereigns."

What Southern Democrats supported John C. Breckinridge because they disliked Stephen Douglas's concept of?

Popular sovereignty

Southern democrats supported john c breckinridge because they disliked stephen douglas's concept of?

Popular sovereignty.

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