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Popular sovereignty refers to a political doctrine which states that governmental powers resides in the people. The Preamble ensures popular sovereignty.

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Q: Which provisions in the constitution ensure popular sovereignty?
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What provision in the constitution ensure popular sovereignty?

by giving the residents the right like protesting

One of the provisions the constitution makes to ensure the soverignty of the people is the right to?

Right to vote :)

What must a new government based on the principle of popular sovereignty do?

Ensure freedom of speech for all citizens

What are the statutory provisions under the US Constitution to ensure the elected representatives to interact with their electorate?

The official U.S. Electoral College web site, providing current information ... Provisions of the Constitution; United States Code; 2012 Presidential Election Pamphlet.

What is the meaning of constitution in India?

The philosophy of the Indian Constitution relies on the orders set up by the Preamble, which include popular sovereignty, India as a sovereign state, and India as a secular state. The country aims to ensure justice, liberty, equality, and promote a sense of fraternity among its citizens.

What provisions are made to ensure that the states know of activities and votes of congress?

Acts were put in place

What provisions are made to ensure that the states know of the activities and votes of congress?

Acts were put in place

How does the constitution ensure individual liberties?

your mother

What kind of rights of equality does the constitution ensure?

what kind of rights of equality does the contitution ensure

What accounts for the ability of the constitution to endure for more than 200 years?

The Constitution is the foundation of our county. It was designed to ensure that leaders could not become too powerful. Without the Constitution, America would have the potential to become a dictatorship. This nation was founded on the grounds of freedom from the King. By ridding the United States of this document, we would essentially be destroying our entire means of existence.

Four characteristics every country needs?

A country needs sovereignty, a territory, a constitution and a disciplined force. The disciplined forces include the police and the military and these two forces ensure that there is internal order and repulsion of external threats. The country also needs to carry out economic development.

What is the democrats view on sovereignty?

Sovereignty is a property of nations. Each nation seeks to ensure, no matter what their type of governments, that they have authority within their boundaries. Nations, democratic nations as well as any other type, typically protect the various elements of sovereignty. In the United States the individual states have a level of sovereignty provided for in our Constitution. Individual states can do anything they want within their boundaries as long as what they do is not prohibited by law that is "constitutional." Each state has its own constitution that restricts, describes, and outlines the governing authority in the state. If you are asking about the Democratic Party and its members; it is definitional that national sovereignty would be respected as the Democratic Party is part of the governing structure of the United States and the individual states. Be aware that the constitution provides that The United States of America can enter into treaties with other nations with the endorsement of the United States Senate. These treaties frequently include, from one point of view, a reduction in national sovereignty. A treaty is an agreement among nations to put certain powers or authorities aside so that mutual agreements might lead to a shared goal. But observe, it is within the sovereignty of any nation to make or not make such agreements. In effect the surrender of a portion of sovereignty is a sovereign act in and of itself.