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July 4, 1776

July 4, 1776

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Q: What was the date the indepence was sign?
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Did Nathan Hale sign the decleration of indepence?

i sure he did sign the decleration of indepence

Who was the youngest to sign the declaration of indepence?

John Adams

Who was the first to sign the declaration of indepence?

John Hancock

What states man who was first to sign the declaration of indepence?

John Hancock from Massachusetts

What is the declaration of indepence about?

the declaration of incipience is about our freedom and we would not have our freedom if john Adams did not sign the paper

What are the roman numerals on the statue of liberty's tablet?

The date of the Declaration Of Indepence - July 4th, 1776.

Whose beliefs was the declaration of indepence based on?

introduction and beliefs of the declaration of indepence

What is the route word of the word indepence?

indepence isn't a word, did you mean independence? the root of this is depend.

Who sign the declaration of indepence the biggest?

it was john hancock, president of 2nd continental congress whopresumably signed first, and his iconic signature was about 5 inches(13 cm) long.

Does it have to have the time and date it was sign?


When was the Declaration of Indepence written?

In 1776

When did Bangladesh got its indepence?