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In the mid-1800s, both the United States and the United Kingdom sought to take control of where is now the Oregon area. Eventually, a compromise was made between the two nations, leading to the Oregon Treaty, which laid out the boundary between the United States and present-day Canada.

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Q: What was the dispute over the Oregon territory?
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In 1846 the dispute the over Oregon territory was settled when?

when the Oregon treaty was signed.

What was the boundary over Oregon Territory was settled in 1846?


The boundary what over the Oregon territory was settled in 1846?


How did president Polk finally settle the dispute over the Oregon territory?

by creating the boundary of Oregon at the 49th parallel and dividing the territory

When was the 1864 dispute over Oregon Territory settled?

The Oregon Treaty was signed on 15 June 1846.

How did the US and Britain settle their dispute over Oregon?

The dispute over the northern boundary of the U.S. claim to the Oregon Territory was was settled in the Treaty of Oregon of 1846, during the presidency of James K. Polk. The treaty established the boundary between British Canada and the U.S. at 49-degrees latitude. -- Contributed by Ray Kovach, Chicago, IL

The dispute over the Oregon boundary was between?

The dispute over where the Oregon boundary was located was between the United States and Great Britain. They were in disagreement on where the boarder between Oregon and Canada should be drawn.

Did England negotiate with the US over the Oregon boundary?

Yes, England negotiated with the US over the Oregon boundary. The Oregon Treaty of 1846 established the border between the two countries at the 49th parallel, resolving the territorial dispute over the Oregon Country. Both countries agreed to joint occupancy of the territory prior to the treaty.

How did the US and Great Britain settle their disputes over western territory?

The US and Great Britain settled their dispute over the western territory by signing the Oregon Treaty in 1846. This treaty sealed the deal on a compromise on the boundaries between British and American land.

What agreement did Great Britain and the US make in the 1820s concerning Oregon?

The US and Canada signed the Oregon Treaty to end their dispute about the boundaries of the Oregon territory. It set the borders for Canada and the US.

What country did the US argue with over the Oregon territory?

Russia, Spain and Great Britain also had claims on the oregon territory

Northwestern territory in dispute between Britain and the US Subject of Manifest Destiny rhetoric in 1844?

Oregon in the Election of 1844