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he is in kampala staying with a malaya

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Q: What was the fate of idi amins notorious henchman colonel isaac malyamungu?
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Does India need a dictator today?

A resounding yes! As a common man i am ashamed to the stinking, shamelessly twisted ,grossly illogical and unimaginable twisting of democracy has taken this nation to. so called leaders who are better off cleaning ditches are rolling on the dirt of corruption, greed and power with their deaths no where in sight Ok lets VOTE for change! Hell no Its voting for ONE 'dirty excuse of a human being' or the Other filthy B--t-rd Fools (no... fools are decent) "pathetic excuse for the word fool" who are barely biologically human & who cant even manage themselves are trying to manage(make it mismanage and loot) ministries and states What India needs a strong and well minded dictator (No Idi-amins) who will rebuild the nation execute/exile for ever(a hidden secret Guantanamo bay) the corrupted-septic-infected politicians ranging from Kerala to Kashmir and rule wisely till India matures to be democracy or till no descendants of filthy politicians remain. What will it take to overcome India of its worst-in-the-world-corruption , its antique and grossly inefficient government ,judiciary & worst of all politicians who still ravage the nation....Any such movement i am ready to participate as a true patriot to the nation....I CARE but i don't know how i can make a difference....we need a revolution and strong dictator (No maoists please).....Will there be a way there a leader who we can support among the clean poiticians who will have the us pls Its a scream for help from a helpless citizen.......looking for a way to liberate his fellow Indians from the satanical clutch India is us help us patriots waiting to serve the nation

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What are three of the major problems that least developed nations face?

Developing economies are these economies which have not reach mass consumption stage of growth. such economies includes; African countries like Uganda, Chad,Ivory coast , South American countries like Valenzuela, Honduras and Chile in Asian, countries like Vietnam, Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria,and Palestine. these developing economies are characterize by;low industrial development, dominants of subsistence production,use of indigenous tools like hand hoes for framing, existences of strong cultural ties and believes and the presents of high population growth rates. therefore, developing economies are faced with the following problems as discuss below; first, developing economies have very poor economic policy such as policies to control inflation and unemployment. for instances, in Uganda money is printed when the government wants t use the money in fulfilling her needs, this was true during Amins time whereas, at the present there is no policies being implemented by the government to control unemployment in the country, this therefore leaves the country's resources under utilized. secondly, the poor education systems within the developing economies leaves the developing countries in great deal of problems. for instances, in Uganda and Kenya still follows the British old system of education which is not even used in Britain yet these kind of educational system teachers students and university leavers more theories than practical lesson that could help to cause development within the country. example, most engineers of Uganda are more theoretical knowledge of handling construction works and mechanic because the system of education trains them to be job seekers and not job makers that would help to create more employment for the people so as to make the acquire he basic needs of live. thirdly, the poor political climate in the less developing economies keeps this countries in problems such has low production, high inflation rates, unemployment and poverty. this is because most of the government officials are corrupt and the existences of coups and civil wars leaves the country in poor stage of economic growth and development. for example, in Zimbabwe 2009 there was a very high inflation within the country,disease know has cholera stack the country and killed almost 2000 people. this was because of the poor governance within the country other problems includes;poverty, unemployment, poor technology/production methods used by the developing economies, high illiteracy rates, high population growth rates thus increasing the dependency rates within families, damping by the developed economics which kills the initiative to develop and expand local industries within the developing economies, high rates of profit repartriation by foreign investors within the developin economies,dependency on the developed world, high level of deficit financing by the developing economies which worsten their balances of payment postion, and poor terms of trade in the world market since most developing economies produces raw materials instate of finished products which earns a value added

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