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The First Bank of the United States was the first government corporation created in 1791.

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Q: What was the first US government corporation?
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Is the US Supreme Court a government corporation?

The US Supreme Court is not a corporation, but the head of the Judicial branch of the United States government. A corporation is a type of business organization, and the term is not applicable in this situation.

Is the US a foreign corporation?

No, the United States is not a foreign corporation. It is a sovereign nation with its own government and borders.

Who bought gold from Barrick Gold Corporation?

Us government

What corporation represents NASA?

NASA is the National (US) Aeronautics and Space Administration. It's a government agency, not a corporation.

What is a business organized according to the regulation of the US government?

I believe that is a corporation.

Is a business organized according to the regulations of the US government?

I believe that is a corporation.

What was the first US corporation?

Harvard University

When did the US government establish the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation?

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was established by the US government in 1933. The amount of reserves furnished to the FDIC was $289 million which came from the US Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve.

How do government corporation differ from other corporations in the US?

There agendas are set by Congress

Was the world's first billion dollar corporation US Steel?


Are there underground prisons in the US?

There are underground secret prisons that the government isn't telling us.

Does Federal Government have to approve any increase in US postal stamps?

No. The USPS is a private corporation.