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The assembly of Athens.

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Q: What was the first Western European attempt at democratic government was called?
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What was the issue in the Monroe Doctrine?

That European countries will NO LONGER attempt to colonize in the Western Hemisphere.

What was the position of the US attempt toward European attempt at colonization?

After the revolution the US stated that any attempt to colonize the western hemisphere would not be tolerated, and would be dealt with militarily.

How did President Monroe reacts to European interest in America?

He issued his well-known Monroe doctrine that warned European powers not to attempt any further colonization in the Western Hemisphere.

What type of government policy is minimum wage?

It's a democratic policy used in an attempt to ensure that economic freedom doesn't escalate into unfair working conditions.

Is a democratic government ever justified in using non democratic means to protect itself and ensure its survival?

All nations attempt to justify whatever it takes to protect the nation and ensure survival. That is just true about nations. But democratic governments have the added responsibility of doing so in the open and justifying their actions to the people. That it is the people who are important is what makes a democracy a democracy. In a democracy the government is not the nation, the people are the nation.

Which did the nations of Western Europe attempt to achieve in the decades following World War 2?

Everlasting peace was one thing. This was first attempted with the formation of the European Coal and Steel Community (known as the European Union today). The countries of Western Europe also wanted the spread of democracy, which was prevalent throughout the Cold War.

The of Confederation was the first attempt at an American government?

The Articles of Confederation was the first attempt at an American government.

Which European country failed in an attempt to conquer Mogadishu?


Who painted An attempt to break free of European styles?


What European country failed in an attempt to conquer Mogadishu?


What is rebellion?

attempt to overthrow the government

What are the goals of an Unconstrained captors?

attempt to embarrass the us government and its allies and spread fear