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new york

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Q: What was the first major city in the US to pave all of its streets?
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How did the abolitionist movement not only work to end slavery but also pave the for women to participate directly in American politics for the first time?

By enabling women to participate in elections, voting poles, and voting rights.

What did the constitution accomplish?

It set up a system of government and laws which allowed the branches of the government not to become too powerful. It also help pave the way for the modern government we have today.

What did molly pitcher do in the war?

She carried water to the troops in the revolutionary war. she helped the troops in other ways such as carrying other supplies or nursing the sick back to health. After the war she wanted to do something so she started the SMG. Or the Sandwich making group. She helped pave the way for many generations of women to make Sandwiches and stay in the kitchen. But another group is soon running them out, the PCODAMS. Or Play Call of Duty and Make Sandwiches group. This is women who play cod and make sandwich, but also stay in the kitchen.

What was emmeline pankhurst famous for?

As twenty years she meet the lawyer Richard Pankhurst, he inspired her. He worked with women's liberation and women's right to vote. He was also responsible for that the law went through in 1869 and that the law about women's right to wealth and property was passed. After a wailed they got married.

What are the pros and cons of the Declaration of Independence?

Pros · They could be free of Britain's quarrels with its European neighbors. · They could pave the road for other countries to be free of British rule and have their own freedom. · They would be free of obeying any laws set out by the British, especially the Intolerable Acts. · They could create their own democracy. · They could get France as an ally, because the French were still mad about losing the Seven Years War and wanted revenge on the British. Cons · Some Americans still had family in Great Britain and did not want family conflicts. · They were the first country to try and break free from Britain, so they were not sure if it would work out; being on their own was a risk. · Merchants would have to find new markets instead of relying on the trade with the British Empire. · The British Empire, the largest in the world at the time, would be their enemies.