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marthasville,ga 1842

another name was Terminus

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Andean jaywalker was her name

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Q: What was the first name of Atlanta?
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Was there a player for the Atlanta Falcons whose first name began with an you?


Was there a player for the Atlanta Falcons whose first name was Ming and is now retired?

According to there is no former NFL player with the first name of Ming.

Is Atlanta a lithuanian name?

No,Lithuania have singer with nickname Atlanta but its not Lithuanian name.

How did the Calgary Flames get their name?

They used to be the Atlanta Flames and wanted the name to be similar to Atlanta Braves

What is the birth name of Atlanta De Cadenet Taylor?

Atlanta De Cadenet Taylor's birth name is Atlanta Noo De Cadenet Taylor.

What is the city were Atlanta Hawks play at?

They play in Atlanta, which is in the name of the team.

What is the name of Atlanta Georgia's National Hockey League team?

Atlanta Thrashers.

How long have the Atlanta Braves been in Atlanta?

The 2009 season is the Braves 44th in Atlanta ... their first season in Atlanta was 1966.

What was the name of the Atlanta Braves stadium before 1997?

Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium

Who came first Atlanta Braves or university of Alabama?

The Alabama Crimson Tide's first football game was in 1892. The Atlanta Braves first baseball game was in 1966. So Alabama's football team came first.(i.e. ATLANTA STOLE THEIR "A")

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The first ever ATLANTA Braves game was played on April 12, 1966 vs the Pittsburgh Pirates in Atlanta, GA. They lost the game 3-2.

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the town near atlanta is villa Rica