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Q: What was the first state to outlaw the use of liquor?
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Can you use out of state identification cards to by liquor?

I think can in Vermont any way:)

Can liquor be shipped from another state to WA?

RCW Title 66 section 12.030 paragraph (2) says "Nothing in this title shall prevent the transshipment of liquor in interstate and foreign commerce; but no person shall import liquor into the state from any other state or country, except, as herein otherwise provided, for use or sale in the state, except the board."

What is the duty free liquor limit to us?

There is no federal limit on duty free liquor that is brought into the United States. There are states that have personal use limits that can limit the duty free liquor brought into the US. A person has to be entering a state with a limit to be affected by this rule. Each state has a different limit.

Can you get a liquor license to only deliver liquor?

Short answer is yes. But where are you? laws differ. Some places its illegal simply to possess liquor. I did a google search 'deliver liquor" and found info that says you can do this in Australia, Ontario, Chicago and Glendale. Use your zip code or state to find better information.

What are three tactics advertisers use to promote a drug such as liquor?

what are three tactics advertisers use to promote a drug such as liquor

How do you use blaze capsules in Maplestory?

Outlaw skill

Is it legal to use security cameras in a store fitting room?

It varies from state to state. All states and regions are different in the way store security is handled. Many stores require the store to have a sign saying that cameras are in use and some states totally outlaw the use.

What do you need to have to get a liquor permit in dekalb county?

If I have a gwinnett county liquor permit can I use it in dekalb

Can use EBT card in a liquor store?


What state first used marijuana for medical use?

California was the state that used marijuana for medical use first.

What was the first State to use fingerprints?

The first state to use fingerprints for criminal identification was New York in 1903. This marked the beginning of the widespread use of fingerprinting in law enforcement.

Can you get a loan for a liquor license?

You can get a loan for your business then if the allowed in the terms of the loan use some of the loan to purchase your liquor license.