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The first written colonial self-government was The Fundamental Orders of 1639 in the Connecticut towns of Windsor, Hartford, and Wethersfield. The document was conspicuously devoid of references to the sovereignty of England and its monarchs.

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The Fundamental Constitution of Connecticut.

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Articals of confederation

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The United States Constitution

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Q: What was the first written constitution in the English colonies?
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What was the first constitution in the colonies called?

the first written constitution was in the first colonies was the may flower compact.

Did Boston Massachusetts draw up the first constitution in the English colonies?

No. The first compact in the colonies was the Mayflower Compact.

Where is America's first written constitution?

In one of the 13 colonies.

What was the first constitution written by the first 13 original colonies?

The earliest constitution adopted by any of the colonies was Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, which was adopted in 1639. There is a link below.

What was written by Thomas hooker doesn't recognize any authority outside of the colony the first written constitution in the colonies?

Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

What the English colonies?

Jamestown, Roanoke, and Plymouth were some of the first English colonies.

Which important us document was written first the Declaration of Independence or the US Constitution?

The Declaration Of Independence because at the time America was not a country it was thirteen colonies. US constitution was written in 1787, The DOI was written in 1776. HOPE THIS HELPS! :P

First formal constitution in the colonies?

Great Fundamentals

Was the bill of rights proposed in an atempt to defeat the constitution?

No. When the Constitution was written it contained almost nothing that guaranteed any rights to the citizenry. Several colonies refused to ratify the Constitution until it did, so the first ten amendments were added.

What replaced the first Constitution?

For the United States, the Articles of Confederation were written first. However, these laws were too weak and did not give the federal government sufficient power to effectively rule the colonies, so they were scraped and the Constitution that we know of today was created.

How democratic was Delaware?

Colonial Delaware was not democratic in any way. As a matter of fact, democracy was unheard of in all the English colonies. Delaware was the first colony to ratify the constitution.

The first african americans in the english colonies were brought to which colony?

The first African Americans in the English colonies were brought to Jamestown.