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It was an ok government kind of good kind of bad each in different ways

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Q: What was the government like in constantinople?
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What was Constantinople's government like?

it was very much connected to religion.

What was the government and social structure in constantinople?

The social structure and gov. was like a porcupine waiting to be petted.

How was Constantinople's government connected to religion?

Back in the days of Constantinople, the Orthodox Church was highly involved in government and politics. Even though there was separation of Church and State, the Church exercised considerable influence in the government of Constantinople.

What was constantinoples government?

Constantinople's government was ran by a emperor. That's pretty much it.

What was like Constantinople?

Southeast Europe.

What was the difference in the government of Constantinople and Baghdad?

The answer is simple. Obviously, Constantinople was during time up to the 1900's, because now it is called Istanbul. Constantinople was ruled by the Ottoman Empire in 1299-1918. It was the capitol. Baghdad was also a part of the Ottoman Empire. That makes their government, if your using modern day terms, an autocracy or an oligarchy government. Hope that tid-bit helped! Enjoy your information! :)

What was constantinople's land like?

Southeast Europe.

What is a memorable slogan for constantinople?

whatever u need Constantinople has it

What was ancient Constantinople's land like?

Southeast Europe.

Former name of Istanbul?

The former name of Istanbul is: Constantinople Before is was renamed Constantinople (in honor of the Roman emperor Constantine, this city was called Byzantium and New Rome).

Who changed constantinople into instanbul?

Constantinople was conquered by the ottoman Turks in 1453. The Turks used both the name Kostantiniyye in their official documents, and Istanbul was the was the popular name. The Europeans continued to call it Constantinople. In 1923 the Turkish government decided that Istanbul was to be the sole name of the city.

Did Mustafa Kemal Atatürk move to the capital from the ancient city of Constantinople to the newer city of Ankara?

Yes. This was in order to move the government of Turkey away from the religious leadership based in Constantinople.