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The ideology of the gold coin of Nero and Agrippina 54-68 was that of Christian basilica.

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Q: What was the ideology of the gold coin of Nero and Agrippina 54-68 and what was the meaning of this gold coin?
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Who is nero's mother?

Nero's mother was named Agrippina the Younger. (her mother had the same name was was known as Agrippina the Elder) Nero's mother was the great granddaughter of Augustus.

What was Nero mother name?

Nero's mother was named Agrippina the Younger. (her mother had the same name was was known as Agrippina the Elder) Nero's mother was the great granddaughter of Augustus.

What is the ideology of the colossus of Nero?

The ideology of the colossus of Nero is the Augustan political ideology.

Mother of the Roman Emperor Nero?

The mother of Nero was Agrippina the Younger. She was the great granddaughter of Augustus.

Nero was the adopted son of?

Emperor Claudius. Claudius was Nero's great uncle, making Agrippina, Nero's mom, Claudius's niece. :D Good luck.

When did emperor Nero kill his mom?

Nero's mother, Agrippina the Younger, was said to have wanted to control her son and be the effective ruler of Rome through him. However, Nero was keen to assert his independence from her and the relationship between the two was tense. It was said that in 58 Nero fell in love with Poppaea Sabina and wanted to divorce his wife, Octavia. Given that his mother would oppose this, he arranged for her murder in 59. Many historians disagree with this ancient interpretation. Poppaea did not divorce her husband until after Agrippina's death, and Nero did not marry her until 67. It has been theorised that the real reason were accusations that Agrippina was plotting to overthrow Nero and replace him with Rubellius Plautus. In 55, Junia Silana, sister of Caligula's first wife Junia Claudilla, a rival of Empress Agrippina the Younger and the ex-wife of Messalina's lover Gaius Silius, accused Agrippina of plotting to overthrow Nero to place Plautus on the throne. Nero took no action at the time, but over time, Nero's relationship with Silana warmed while his relationship with his mother soured. After a comet appeared in 60, public gossip renewed rumors of Nero's fall and Plautus' rise. Nero exiled Plautus in 60 to his estate in Asia with his family. ome modern historians theorize that Nero's execution of Agrippina was prompted by her plotting to set Rubellius Plautus on the throne.[47] According to Suetonius, Nero tried to kill his mother through a planned shipwreck, which took the life of her friend, Acerronia Polla, but when Agrippina survived, he had her executed and framed it as a suicide.[48] The incident is also recorded by Tacitus

What roman emperor married his niece?

Emperor Claudius married his niece Agrippina the Younger.

Who was the advisor to nero?

Nero had several ad-visors of note, the first being his mother, Agrippina the Younger. Seneca, Burrus, and Tigelinus were three others.

Why was the Roman Emperor Claudius imprisoned?

Emperor Claudius was not imprisoned. You must have got confused with Tiberius Claudius Narcissus. He was a freedman who was in the inner circle of the court of emperor Claudius. He was imprisoned and executed by Agrippina (the emperor's last wife) soon after the emperor's death. Ancient writer Tacitus said that Agrippina had him executed because he supported Britannicus (the son the emperor had with a previous wife) for the imperial succession against Nero (Agrippina's son) and plotted to bring Agrippina down and, though her her downfall, Nero.

What was Nero's life before coming an emperor?

Nero went to live at the court of the previous emperor, Claudius, when he was five. He was the son (from a previous marriage) of Agrippina the younger, who became the third wife of Claudius. All that is known about Nero's early life is that his mother maneuvered to make Nero the next emperor instead of Britannicus, the son of Claudius from his third marriage, who was younger than Nero. Agrippina persuaded Claudius to adopt Nero and set out to isolate Britannicus from his father and from the succession, to pave the way for Nero becoming the next emperor. Claudius then regretted having married Agrippina and adopted Nero. He started to favour Britannicus and to pave the way for him to succeed him. he then died suddenly. There were suspicions that Agrippina murdered him.

Was Emperor Nero's mum a christian?

No, definitely not. Agrippina, Nero's mom, was born before Christianity was established. In fact, Nero outlawed Christianity after the Great Fire of Rome. He blamed Christians, making them the scapegoat. You may be thinking of the emperor Constantine who decriminalized Christianity.

Who was the Cruel roman emperor son of agrippina the younger?

Agrippina the Younger's son was Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus later known a Nero, one of the cruelest of Rome's emperors. he is said to he dipped christians in tar then set them alight to light his garden at night