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What basically was the job of a pedagogueits job was teaching their students

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Q: What was the job of a pedagogue?
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What rhymes with pedagogue?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word pedagogue.

How do use pedagogue in a sentence?

The pedagogue guided his students through their lessons with patience and expertise.

Is the pedagogue a large building surrounded by pedestals?

Is a pedagogue a large building surrounded by pedestals? No, a pedagogue is a teacher, a leader (agog) of children (ped)

How do you use pedagogue in a sentence?

The pedagogue taught his students with patience and passion.

What actors and actresses appeared in Pedagogue - 1988?

The cast of Pedagogue - 1988 includes: Neil Bartlett

What is the latin root for pedagogue?

"Pedo" is a root meaning child, or children. A pedagogue is a leader of children, like a teacher.

Who was the pedagogue in Greek society?

In ancient Greek society, a pedagogue was a slave who was responsible for the education and supervision of a male child. The pedagogue was not a teacher in the modern sense, but rather a caretaker who ensured the child's safety and behavior in public.

How do you use the word pedagogue in a sentence?

"In ancient Greece, a pedagogue usually taught philosophy as well as science." "While his tutor was on vacation, the boy was taught by a replacement teacher, an elderly, boring pedagogue who mumbled incoherently in Latin."

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