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Deborah Sampson was a great person. She was a courageous person. That's the main one. She actually join the army even though she wasn't a man. Back then only were able to join the army. She dressed like a man and transformed into one. I guess she was pretty brave about that.

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Q: What was the last words of Deborah Sampson before she died?
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She dressed a man and enlisted using the name Robert Shurtleff?

Deborah Sampson was born on December 17th, 1760 in Plympton, Massachusetts. She stood about 5 foot eight inches tall, was heavy boned and very strong. She decided she had to contribute to the war effort, but not in the normal manner available to women of her day. She sewed a man's suit of clothes, left her farm and walked thirty miles to Middleborough, Massachusetts, where she enlisted in Captain George Webb's Light Infantry Company, Fourth Regiment, Massachusetts Continental Line under the assumed name of Robert Shurtleff, a name she made up.She fought alongside men and was quite capable in battle. Robert/Deborah was injured several times, each time refusing medical WhoDressed_as_man_using_name_robert_shurtlefffor fear of being discovered. One injury was so severe that she was treated against her will, and the physician discovered she was a woman. General George Washington ordered Robert Shurtleff/Deborah Sampson to be honorably discharged on October 25th, 1783, and letters of testimony to her gallantry in combat were presented for her.On April 7th, 1785, Deborah married Benjamin Gannett, a farmer of Sharon, Massachusetts, and had three children. At the urging of Paul Revere, Deborah went on tour in 1802, capitalizing on her wartime fame. She died April 29, 1827 at the age of 68

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