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it was haunted by a ghost

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Q: What was the legend of the lake on George Washington socks book?
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Who was blackjack in the book George Washington's socks?

Blackjack is a mule in George Washington's Socks.

What genre is the book George Washington's socks?

The book "George Washington's Socks" is a historical fiction novel for children.

George Washington's favorite book?

George washington's socks a time travle adventure 17

Why did the author name the book George Washington's socks?

because in the book George Washington gave his socks to Matt's litttle sister (i forget why, sorry). i read the book in fifth grade it was amazing!

How did the kids from the book George Washington's socks get home?

In the book "George Washington's Socks," the kids used a magic rowboat to travel back home through time after their adventure with George Washington.

What is the book George Washingtons socks about?

George Washington's Socks is about 5 kids that go on an adventure with a time traveling boat.

What was Matt returning to George Washington in the book George Washington's Socks?

Matt was returning the magical socks that had transported him back in time to George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

Where can you find a time line on the book George Washington's Socks?

There isn't a timeline in the book.

Where were the children to be taken instead of the Jersey Shore in the book George Washington's Socks?

Mconkey's Inn

Who are the main characters in the book george Washington socks?

katie,matt,hooter,q,and tony.

Was Katie saved by a hessian soldier named Gustav from the book George Washington socks?


What is the genre of George Washington?

George Washington was a real, live person, not a book or work of art. It makes no sense to claim he had a genre.