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in the 1800's factory life was not the best. The fumes from the machines made people sick, throw up, or even die. Children were losing hands and fingers from the machines. People had to work long hours and the factory had tight spaces. Children kinda had to work in the factories to get exta income for the family because you got at lease 5 pennies per week. The bosses wern't so friendly either. If you complained you would get fired and they had lines at the door so if somebody [usally a kid] got hurt the boss would say' next'! and the next person in line would get the job.

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Q: What was the life of a factory worker like?
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What was the daily life of a factory worker like in the 1700s?

Life for a factory worker in the 1700's was hard. Working conditions were not safe and bosses ruled with an iron hand. Wages were low unless you were highly skilled. A person able to help in the production of firearms probably made more money then a worker in the textile industry. There were no unions. No sick pay or accident insurance. Basically factories were not regulated at all by either local, state or national governments.

Why you choose Taiwan to work for as factory worker?

i choose taiwan because this is the best country whose caring the filipino worker and i like to challenge my self for that...