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it was a passage through mountain terrain.

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Q: What was the main advantage of the Cumberland Gap?
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What does cumberland gap mean?

The Cumberland Gap is a narrow pass in the Cumberland Mountains, which is in the Appalachian Mountains of the the USA.

What wilderness road served as the main route for settlers traveling though?

The Cumberland Gap

When was Cumberland Gap Tunnel created?

Cumberland Gap Tunnel was created in 1996.

What formed the Cumberland gap?

Daniel Boone discovered the cumberland gap!!!!

How long was the cumberland gap?

The Cumberland Gap is reportedly 12 miles (19 kilometers) in length.

What road was built through the cumberland gap?

the Wilderness road was built through the Cumberland gap

When was Cumberland Gap - folk song - created?

Cumberland Gap - folk song - was created in 1924-06.

How many acres does the cumberland gap?

Cumberland Gap National Historic Park has a total area of 20,505.6 acres.

Is the Cumberland Gap in east Tennessee?

Technically, the saddle of the gap is on the border between Virginia and Kentucky. The town of Cumberland Gap is in Tennessee, about a quarter-mile to the southeast. The Cumberland Gap National Historical Park encompasses area in all three states.

What was the main route used by American settlers across Kentucky?

Wilderness Road

How did Cumberland gap change western settlement?

The Cumberland Gap is a V-shaped passage through the Appalachian Mountains at the intersection of Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee.

Where is the Friends Of Cumberland Gap National Historical Park Inc in Middlesboro Kentucky located?

The address of the Friends Of Cumberland Gap National Historical Park Inc is: 2116 Cumberland Ave, Middlesboro, KY 40965