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An important immediate result of the American Revolution was that it # led to a rejection of the European political experience. # strengthened the doctrine of nationalism over that of states' rights. # further developed the doctrine of centralization of power. # accelerated the trend toward the abolition of the laws of entail and primogeniture. # established a quasi-mercantilist system of protectionist policies.

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The main result of the American Revolution is that Britain recognizes the U.S. Independence.

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Q: What was the main result of the American Revolution?
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Where did the major revolutions take place and why?

The US and USSR. The American Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution. However, there are some who will contend the Boxer Rebellion was a revolution, but the result was far different from the main two.

Which of the following is not true of the Mexican American war?

It came about as a result of a revolution in California.

What result led to the American Revolution?

Ya mum!!

Who was are main ally?

In the American Revolution, it was France.

Did the American revolution happen in result of the french revolution?

No it happened the other way around.

What was a result of the egalitarian movement of the American revolution?

you have to make it be good not bad

What was result of the American revolution?

The United States was formed as a separate nation.

What was the final result of the British trying to raise taxes?

the American revolution

What was the main events in the American Revolution?

Struggle for democratic goverment

Did the Mexican-American war come about as a result of a revolution in California?

No, the Bear Flag Revolution began because the Mexican American War was already a fact,

The migration of American workers from rural areas to urban areas was primarliy a result of?

it was the result of the industrial revolution

As a result of the King not answering the colonists demands what did the American colonies decide to do?

They revolted and it was called the American Revolution.