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The average age is 55 years & 1 month. The median age is 54 years & 6 months.

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Q: What was the median average age of your us presidents when inaugurated?
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How old were the us presidents when they were inaugurated?

Each US President were different ages when they were inaugurated. But the average age during Inauguration is 54 years old.

What is the mean of the presidents ages at inaugurated?

The mean age of the U.S. Presidents when they first took office is 55.116 years.(The median age is 54.564 years.)(minimum: 42.881 years)(maximum: 69.956 years)(mode: 51 years)

What age were us presidents who were inaugurated at age 50?

Only nine of the 43 U.S. Presidents were under 50 when sworn in as President for the first time; the other 34 were all over 50.

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What is the average age of the presidents when they were sworn into office?

About late forties to late sixties.

How is the median of all the presidents age 54?

Herbert Hoover was 54 years and 6 months of age when he became U.S. President. Of the other 42 U.S. Presidents to date, 21 were older when they first took office and 21 were younger when they first took office.

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