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i think this because CB is a boss

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this is hard wtffff

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Q: What was the most important accomplishment of the Second Continental Congress?
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What was the second continental congress's most important accomplishment?

most important accomplishment is when........

What was the second continental congress most important accomplishment?

The adoption of the United States Declaration of Independence was the most significant accomplishment of the Second Continental Congress. It was adopted on July 4, 1776.

What is important about second continental congress?

The second continental congress is important because the continental army would be formed.

What was the major accomplishment of the second continental congress?

The Boston Tea Party.

Three accomplishment of the second continental congress?

The Declaration of independence, appointing george washington as commander

What does second continental congress have to do with the second continental congress?

the second contnental congress is the second continental congress so they have a lot to do with eachother!

The first continental congress voted to do what?

The Congress had two primary accomplishments. The first was a compact among the colonies to boycott British goods beginning on 1 December 1774. The second accomplishment of the Congress was to provide for a Second Continental Congress to meet on 10 May 1775.

What did the second continental congress accomplishment?

To name George Washington commander-in-cheif.

Who was the president of second continental congress?

The president of the Second Continental Congress was Peyton Randolph.George Washington

When was Second Continental Congress created?

Second Continental Congress was created in 1775.

When did Second Continental Congress end?

Second Continental Congress ended in 1781.

What important responsibility did the second continental congress on in may 1775?

The Second Continental Congress occured immediatly after the outbreak of the Revolutionary War. The Congress met to discuss the war against Great Britain.

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