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(a) articles of confederartion (plato)

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Q: What was the name of America's first national government and why did it get replaced?
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What is the name of Americas first national park?


What was americas first constution called?

The Articles of Confederation was the first form of the Constitution. However, it was very weak and ineffective. The states had more rights than the National Government.

What was Americas very first government called?

America's very first government was known as Continental Congress

What was the name given to our first national government?

Describe the main components of this first national government

What was the most difficult problem facing Americas first government?

no money

What provided the framework for establishment of a national government?

In the US, the Articles of Confederation provided the first framework for a national government.

The first national government for the United States was?

the First national government of the united states was the Articles of Confederation Actually the first National Government of the United States was the Second Continental Congress which governed during the Revolutionary War. The Articles were the first written gov't of the US.

What was our nation's first national govermment?

Our Nation's first national government was the second continental congress!

Where did the US have its first national government?


What was the first government of the national?

The Articles of Confederation

Which of the provided the basic framework for the national government?

What provided the basic framework for the national government?

What benefits did Americas first government under?

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