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martha washingtons first husband was mr.custus and he died for no reason he just had died of an old age

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Q: What was the name of Martha washingtons first husband and what caused his death?
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What was Martha Washingtons date of death day month and year specific?

Martha Washington was born on June 2 1731 and she died on may 22 1802.

Why is Martha Washington?

Martha Washington was famous for being the wife of the first U.S. President, George Washington. Shortly after her husband's death, she released any freeing slaves that they had to their freedom.

What caused Virginia Mayo's husbands death?

Virginia Mayo's husband (Michael O'Shea) died of heart failure.

What was Martha Washington's maiden name?

Martha was born Martha Dandridge. She became Martha Dandridge Custis when she married her first husband, Daniel Parke Custis, in 1750. After Daniel's death in 1757, she married George Washington on January 6, 1759. Two of her children by Custis were still living at the time : John "Jacky" Custis was 4, and Martha ("Patsy") Custis was 2.

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When did Martha Siegel die?

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How many years after George Washingtons death did construction of the monument began?

30 years

What was Martha Washington's date of death?

Martha Washington died in 1802 Martha Washington died in 1802 May 22, 1802

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