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vassal or celts

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Q: What was the name of a small group of terroists in eastern Europe ruled by vikings?
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What was the name of a small group of territories in eastern Europe ruled by vikings?

Kievan Rus

Which group of invaders came from the north of Europe?


What group from Scandinavia threatened Western Europe with invasions?

The Vikings.

What group of people from NOrthern Europe raided Europe between 800 and 1100?


What group invaded Europe in 800s?

Muslim, Magyar, and Vikings invaded Europe in the 800s.

What is the largest ethnic group in eastern Europe?


From AD 800-1000 what group terrorized much of Europe with raids?

The Vikings from Scandinavia.

What group does Asia Europe and Africa belong to?

Eastern Hemisphere

What group of people from Scandinavia took the sea terrorizing Western Europe in search of wealth?

The vikings.

What group from Scandinavia raided parts of Europe for food and more lands to settle?


What group attacked Europe from the north and why is that important?

The Vikings were warriors from Scandinavia that wrecked havoc in Northern Europe during the Middle Ages.

What group dominated Eastern Europe after World War 2?