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The war fought by the 13 colonies to gain independence from England is called the American Revolution. It resulted in the confirmation of the independence of the soon to be formed United States of America.

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The war that freed the 13 colonies from Britain was called "The American Revolution."

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well duh.

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The Revolutionary War, 1775-1783.
The American Revolutionary War.

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The American Revolutionary War.

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The Revolutionary War

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Q: What was the name of the war that America gained independence from Britain?
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What is the name of the document that declared that the us was separate from Great Britain?

The document that separated us from England was The Declaration of Independence.

Who does the word he refer to in the declaration of independence?

Depends on which part your talking about. You're probably looking at the "List of Grievences" section. It states all the complaints that the colonists had about the king of Britain at the time. I don't know the name of the king, but that's who "he" is. King George III of the United Kingdom, sovereign of Great Britain at the time US independence was declared.

Who were colonists who was undecided about independence from Britain?

Colonists who opposed Britain and wanted freedom were patriots. Colonists who were loyal to Britain were loyalists or Tories. Most of the colonists wanted or didn't want freedom, so there really was no need to a name.

What was the name of the first president that rule Britain?

Britain has never had a president.

What is the definition of the Declaration of Independence?

A "Declaration" is a statement about something, usually an official statement. Independence means lack of dependence, not relying on another for support, capable of making decisions on one's own. So, a Declaration of Independence is a statement of autonomy, or being on one's own. The phrase was popularized by the document of that name promulgated July 4, 1776 by the Continental Congress in America, which basically declared the 13 British colonies which adhered to it to be autonomous from Great Britain.

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Who started the Fourth of July?

You're joking right...? When America proclaimed independence from Great Britain. Hence the name "independence day"

What was the American war of independence memorable for?

The American revolution or the war of independence, is famous for exactly what is in its name. Its famous or America declaring independence by winning the war with Britain.

What could be another name for the declaration of independence?

The Document Stating the Separation of America From Great Britain

What was the name and author of the influential pamphlet that gained colonial support for independence?

The name of the influential pamphlet was "Common Sense" and the author was Thomas Paine. It was published in 1776 and played a significant role in gaining colonial support for independence from Great Britain.

How did Zambia there independence and when?

On October 24, 1964 Northern Rhodesia gained independence from Britain. The people of the area resented British rule and changed the name of the country to Zambia. Kenneth Kaunda became the first president.

What was the name of the war in which Americans gained their independence?

Revolutionary War

What was the name of colonies that wanted independence from Great Britain?


What is a name for an American who did not want independence from Great Britain?


The name of the country that gained independence in 1820 with the help of England France and Russia?


What is another name for haiti?

Until it gained independence in 1804, Haiti was known by the French name Saint-Domingue. This is the equivalent of Santa Domingo.

How did the Independence Day get its name?

Independence Day, which is celebrated in the US on the 4th of July every year, received its name from the occurance we're actually celebrating: the day the United States gained its independence from the ruling monarchy of the UK. The adoption of the Declaration of Independence happened on July 4, 1776.

What was the name of the rebellious teenager that fought for independence in America?

Andrew Jackson