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Q: What was the nation with the most democratic government by 1914 was who?
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What was the nation most democratic government in 1914?


What type of government did Athens have the most impact on?

Democratic government.

Why did democratic government survive in the US?

The reason that a democratic government lsted in the US is because most of us like it that way.

Why isn't Switzerland a free nation?

Switzerland is a free nation. It is one of the freest and most democratic countries in the world.

Government and business relationship in India?

In most cases in India, government is a tool of business. India's central government is self-described as "sovereign, socialist, secular and democratic." However, the Indian government has more control and power over business practices than other democratic governments.

What is Asia's most commonly used government?

The answer is democratic

What is the Most democratic part of national government?


What is the most democratic form of government?

a Direct Democracy

Multiple parties are most common in what systems?

Multiple parties are typically common in democratic systems. These many parties are why a democratic nation can operate most efficiently.

What is the most populated democracy in the world?

India is the most populated democratic nation with 1.1 billion inhabitants.

Why is government limited in most democratic societies?

i have no idea haha

Which nation helped to end the idea of a new democratic Europe?

France most likely.