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parchment paper

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Q: What was the original constitution written on?
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When was Michigans constitution written?

Michigan's current constitution was enacted in 1963. The original statehood constitution was enacted in 1837.

What is the original purpose of the Philadelphia convention?

The Constitution was written at this convention.

Who wrote the original hand written document of the constitution?

James Madison.

Why was the bill of rights not included in the original constitution?

Creating the constitution was difficult and controversial. Some of the items in the bill of rights were not thought of when the constitution was written. Others were too controversial and there was fear that if they were included in the original the constitution would not have been passed.

When was the original Maryland state constitution written?

Work on the Maryland Constitution of 1776 was completed on 11 November 1776.

What has the author Thomas Aiton written?

Thomas Aiton has written: 'The original constitution of the Christian Church' 'The original constitution of the Christian Church' -- subject(s): Controversial literature, Early works to 1800, Church of Scotland, Episcopacy, Government

Which were the original requirements written in the constitution for all voters?

all males over 21

Constitution written in Connecticut?

The Fundamental Orders, signed in 1638, served as Connecticut's original constitution, and is often considered the model for modern western constitutions.(See related link, below.)

Who are the original constitution?

A constitution is not a Who, it is a What.

How many Pages in the US Constitution?

The original hand written copy filled 4 pages.

How many articles were in the the original constitution?

There were 7 articles in the original Constitution.

What was the original purpose of the federalist papers?

the federalist papers were written as essays that argued a federalist viewpoint on the constitution.