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It is to limit the people that can vote.

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Q: What was the original purpose of voter registration?
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How does voter registration stop voter fraud?

Voter registration stops fraud by making sure that you have the required identification to prove that you are who you say you are.

When was Southwest Voter Registration Education Project created?

Southwest Voter Registration Education Project was created in 1974.

When is the deadline for voters registration?

October 6th is the deadline for voter's registration.

What law went into effect in 1995 that made voter registration more convient?

The National Voter Registration Act of 1993, also known as the Motor Voter Act, went into effect in 1995. This law aimed to make voter registration more convenient by allowing eligible voters to register to vote during their visit to the Department of Motor Vehicles and other government agencies.

What has the author Jamie Cooper written?

Jamie Cooper has written: 'Voter registration and the states' -- subject(s): States, Voter registration 'Forgotten Destiny'

Can i use my voter's registration card to obtain my certificate of birth?

Not in the United States you cannot. In the United States, a voter registration card is not acceptable proof of identity.

What is the main reason North Dakota doesn't have voter registration?

When the law requiring voter registration for general and municipal elections was changed in 1951, the main reason was that North Dakota was a one party Republican state and most major contests were being decided in the primary elections. The commission which had been tasked with studying voter registration felt that there was so little merit to continuing registration that they did little to consider including the primary elections in voter registration.

What is The process of signing up to be a voter is called?


The lower voter registration of African Americans compared to Caucasians is largely explained by differences in?

voter qualifications

How did the Motor voter act affect voter registration?

it affect it by showing your driver's license and your area where you live.

In the early 1960 Dr. king helped organize?

civil rights marches and voter registration drives.

Motor-Voter Act of 1993?

The Motor-Voter Act of 1993, also known as the National Voter Registration Act, was designed to increase opportunities for Americans to register to vote. It required states to offer voter registration at the same time of applying for or renewing a driver's license or state ID. It aimed to simplify the voter registration process and increase voter participation.